Why Lindsay Won’t Cop a Plea – Charlie Sheen $100 Million Lawsuit! – TMZ Live

Posted on July 29 2012 by admin

The reasons behind Lindsay Lohan’s decision to reject a plea deal and go to trial … And, why Charlie Sheen also wants a public trial in his $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre. Here are the main stories! www.tmz.com www.tmz.com www.tmz.com www.tmz.com www.tmz.com Jump to part of the video! Lindsay’s decision to go to trial in her grand theft case a stupid move? (5:00) Elizabeth Taylor died — Harvey talks about the incredible work she did for AIDS awareness. (6:00) Who has the best shot at an Oscar — Lohan or Sheen? Mike takes this one. (9:00) Will Warner Bros. ask Charlie Sheen to come back to “Two and a Half Men”? Hell no. (12:00) Skype question from England — would Chris Brown and LiLo act the way they do if they weren’t famous? (14:00) Twitter time! Questions about Harvey’s career choices, Chris Brown’s probation, the confusing aspects of LiLo’s case, and why our staff is so mean to Harvey. (19:00) Evan, Harvey and Max argue about the efficiency of call centers. (21:00) If our staff HAD TO, we’d eat Harvey first … Nina explains. (27:00) Why is there a huge thing of french fries behind Harvey? They’re Dax’s … and he bought them from a Kirstie Alley yard sale. (30:00) If Chris Brown freaked out on TMZ Live … would we press charges? (35:00) Harvey disses the a-holes threatening to picket Liz Taylor’s funeral.

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