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Posted on March 9 2010 by admin

TV Trends

CLICK HERE:  How I Met Your Mother last week:  

how i met your mother 300x225 Top TV Shows

2 CLICK HERE:   The Big Bang Theory last week: 3

The Big Bang Theory 11 203x300 Top TV Shows

3 CLICK HERE:   The Office last week: 11

the office 300x225 Top TV Shows

4 CLICK HERE: Grey’s Anatomy last week: 10

Greys Anatomy 2 300x225 Top TV Shows

5 CLICK HERE: Lost last week: 5

Lost 2 300x197 Top TV Shows

6 CLICK HERE:   Desperate Housewives last week: 6

desperate housewives 300x240 Top TV Shows

7 CLICK HERE:   Gossip Girl last week: 9
Gossip Girl 1 300x170 Top TV Shows
8 CLICK HERE:   One Tree Hill last week: 2
one tree hill 2 300x240 Top TV Shows
9 CLICK HERE:   Chuck last week: 13
chuck 300x240 Top TV Shows
10         American Idol last week: 7
american idol 1 300x272 Top TV Shows

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