Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 1 Secrets That I Never Want to Know

Posted on November 3 2011 by admin

Plot The episode begins where the seventh season left off, where Gaby is waving goodbye to her fellow neighbors as they return to their homes, while she returns inside where she, Lynette, Susan, Bree and Carlos drive to the nearby woods to dispose of Alejandro’s body. Everyone but Bree is hesitant about dumping the body though she eventually convinces them that it is their only choice. 1 Month Later Mike begins to become suspicious as he feels Susan is hiding something. Susan then substitutes Juanita’s class and she becomes emotional when the class pet hamster, Cupcake, dies. Gaby later helps Susan determine that she is feeling dreadfully guilty over the murder of Alejandro. Chuck soon tells Bree that he and his colleagues have found a body, and he says that he has left his car. Realizing that Gaby has Alejandro’s car keys, they rush to find his car, only to find out it is a stick shift and neither of them can drive a stick shift. Chuck soon appears and Gaby says that the car belongs to her Aunt Shirley, and that they must return it to her. Chuck then decides to drive them to Shirley’s house, though they are soon carjacked when Chuck steps out for a moment, much to Bree’s joy. Renee is attracted to new neighbor, Ben Faulkner (Charles Mesure). However, he turns her down for a sex rendezvous at her house, leaving Renee feeling unwanted. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom are having difficulty telling the kids that they are separating. After Lynette has a nightmare one night about

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